Death Rails


Quite possibly "off the rails."  It's design is inspired by Damian's early years.  Damian loved Thrash, Death and Black Metal, the harder and loader the better.  One afternoon his partner Leo Bakman of Immortal Suffering were chatting.  Leo talked about some of bigger pickup makers and the products they make.  He said he tried a lot and as a matter of fact he loved a few mass manufactured pickups on the market however Leo was looking for something that would define his sound "as his sound."  Thats when Damian went to work and designed the Sound Laboratories "Death Bucker."  Leo loved it, he said it blew his mind one evening on stage in front of a full house.  

Some time passed and Damian figured he should up his metal game another notch with both looks and sound and thus came the Death Rail pickup.  Like all things Sound Laboratories, each pickup is made one at a time from the highest quality wires, magnets, bobbins and mounting plates.  There is nothing cheap and the Death Rail pickup offers outstanding crunch, sustain and deep even dynamics.   


Testimonial: 'Delighted' is an understatement 😃 more like blown away! Damian Panitz's Sound Laboratories hand-wound pickups are works of art and second to none. This 'Death Rails' bridge position humbucker has given my HSS Strat a richer, fuller sound that distorts beautifully, enhances the middle and neck position Fender low-noise single coils abilities when used in combination, and fully unleashes this guitar's potential. What else can I have Damian modify!? 😜 -Ruy Sánchez Blanco of Brooklyn, NY.


Close the dealProbably one of the most insane pickup upgrades a guitarist can make when it comes to raw power, crunch and clarity.  Perfect for metal and anyone seeking even dynamics, original upfront attitude and tone.  18.5k Ohm of energy and excitement.

Video Demonstration

Death Rails Humbucker