Mike Dernt Telecaster Precision Bass with Chubby Split Coil Pickups

The Standard Chubby

The split coil Chubby Precision bass pickup and is 100% bad ass.  Vintage wound with a clear and present tone.  Low lows and shimmering highs and everything you'd want in the middle.  This really makes the Precision bass sound as it should...great!

The founder of Sound Laboratories swears he was born with a bass guitar in his hands despite the fact that you will see many images of him on stage with various electric guitars.  

Damian: "I was playing my American Standard P-Bass in two different situations; a NYC punk rock band and a local rock, blues and jazz jam band.  I loved my Precision bass however it lacked panache.  It just didn't seem to bloom and lacked verve.  So I decided to make my own split coil pickup."


"I built the pickup and tested it on a crappy little practice guitar amp. My first thought was, "meh, nothing special."  I knew I needed to test it on my Eden 550 Traveler but the very next morning a brand new 64' American Vintage Jazz bass was delivered to my door.  I was love struck and the P-Bass fell into the shadows.  A month later I was on my way to band practice, I just knew I had to test my "Split P" pickups but was afraid it wouldn't have that "mojo" and flatten the jam.  I reluctantly left the 64' Jazz bass at home.  

​Plugging in my Precision bass was uneventful.  After the amp warmed up, after I struck my first note I knew I had made something killer!  My eyes opened wide, my ears tingled with delight and with one note (Boop).  I swear I heard my flesh come in contact with the string, everything was in slow motion, that note was large and round and alive. 


The "Split P" is made with only the greatest American made bobbins, Alnico 5 magnets, copper wire and vintage black and white push back lead wires.   You're gonna love it!


The Ultra Chubby

Dynamic Punch!


Super Bass Sound

Beautiful Bass Sound.


The Standard Chubby

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The Standard Chubby split coil Humbucking pickup.  Chubbier than your standard split coil Pickup.  Wound hotter for a thinker, dynamic sound.  Hand-wound, wide alnico V magnetic poles, black fiber bobbins and vintage pushback lead wire. 

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City Walking Tour

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Pretty much the same build as the Standard Chubby just Hooter, Growlier and not for the faint of heart.

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